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Thank you for visiting the Heaven's Roll Call website that offers poems and other information about death and dying. I hope reading these Christian inspirational poems with Christian Bible verses will offer encouragement when mourning the death of a loved one. Inspirational poems on death along with inspirational Bible verses can help ease the pain after a death in the family. I pray each Christian inspirational poem and Bible scripture will help you remember the times God allowed you to share with your loved one. On the Heaven's Roll Call website you will receive encouragement with compassion and a listening ear from a caring new friend in Christ. The ministry is dedicated to helping you through the death of a loved one. My only motive is to help you know the love of Jesus while reminding you that you are never alone in your heartaches. I am committed to helping you in anyway I can. My heart is big and so are my shoulders. Sometimes it's easier talking to a stranger. You have my word that anything shared is between God, you and I only.

Any individual may use an inspirational poem on death to read at a Christian funeral. You may also request any copyrighted poem to frame as a memorial. I pray you feel God's presence when you read any of these poems on the Heaven's Roll Call website. Keep the faith and never let Satan steal the joy of the life God allowed you to share no matter how short or long it may have been. An inspirational Christian poem along with a Bible verse or Bible scripture can offer comfort after the death of a loved one. Let each inspirational poem and Bible verse remind you that God was with your loved one when he or she died. God knows the pain of death. He watched His own son, Jesus, die on the cross for our sins. Death isn’t the final answer, but the door to eternal life with God in heaven. Mourn the death of your loved one, but never forget that all followers of Jesus will unite in heaven one day. I pray you feel God’s loving arm around you always.


Heaven’s Roll Call is a 501 (c) 3 Christian nonprofit ministry that uses Christian inspirational poems and inspirational Bible verses to help those grieving the loss of a loved one. It’s main purpose is to let you know that God loves you and there are still people in this world who care and want to help you through the pain. After heartache, sickness, or the death of a loved one, God’s word in the form of an inspirational poem may bring you comfort in the days ahead. The Christian inspirational poems on the following pages may be read at funerals or used as a memorial with permission of the author only.


Thanking God 4U


Mission Statement - Heaven’s Roll Call’s main purpose is to share the love of Jesus by offering faith-filled poems of hope, the written word of God through Bible scripture, a listening ear and by the provision of needed material support in cases of acute need. This will be accomplished through the Heaven’s Roll Call web pages, email or letter correspondence, and verbal communication either in person or over the telephone.


All Poems Are Copyrighted

All poems are copyrighted so please respect copyright laws. If you are an individual, you have my permission to print any poem on the Heaven’s Roll Call website and give to someone. You may NOT sell any poem or print in mass quantities. Please remember to keep my name and copyright info on the poem along with my website so others may come to the site for comforting.
About the Name “Heaven’s Roll Call” officially came into being on October 2nd, 2001. (October 2 was also the day that my only brother, Douglas Roy Lueck, was killed in Vietnam in 1966.) At that time my intent was to sell my Christian inspirational poems with an inspirational Bible verse, but it didn’t seem right to ask someone to pay for God’s comforting words during their time of heartache. I ended up giving away the poem and letting them know that God writes all of them and I am only His messenger. For years I would go through the obituaries and send an inspirational poem to a family after the loss of a loved one with a note saying that even strangers care. The word obituary seemed so cold and didn’t describe the list of names so I prayed and asked God for a more deserving name. Upon awakening the next morning, “Heaven’s Roll Call” was on my lips. What a better way to describe those who have gone ahead of us to heaven! The next time you see the obituaries, remember - they are on God’s “Heaven’s Roll Call.”

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