A New Life Begins

Only His Love

Please Help Me

God Knows

You Were Created

No More Will I Cry


 When you are facing danger,   read...                           Psalm 91

 When people have fail you,

  read...                             Psalm 27

 When you are worried,

 read...               Matthew 8:19-34

 When you need courage to finish   task, read...                   Joshua 1

 When you are lonely and fearful,   read...                            Psalm 23

 When your faith needs                     stimulation,  read...    Hebrews 11

Abuse Poems Offering Hope to the Victim

I am so sorry that someone feels they have the right to hurt you physically or mentally. No one has that right to abuse you and make you cry. You are a child of God and he loves you. I hope these poems of encouragement will help you as you decide what to do. Read through other inspirational poems on the heaven's Roll Call website any time and if there is anything I can do to help you, please send me an email on the contact page.                                     (Click on any poem picture to read.)

When facing danger, read...                                       Psalm 91
 When sorrow overtakes you,   read...                  Matthew 28
When you're challenged by opposing forces, read...                                       Ephesians 6
When you are facing a crisis,   read...                  Job 28:12-28

Even thou I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me .   Psalm 23:4

Please Help me Poem
When you think God is far away, read...         Psalm 125
When you are lonely and fearful, read...                          Luke 8

When everything seems to be going from bad to worse, read... 

II Timothy 3

When you need courage,
read...                  Joshua 1
When you are searching for peace, read...                      Psalm 55:18
When you fear death, read... Revelations 14
When you can't sleep, read...       Psalm 4
When you feel like an outcast, read...               Romans 8:31-3
When people fail you and you are lonely, read...                  Psalm 27
When it seems the world is against you, read...               Hebrews 13