So often life seems to get the best of us. We can be feeling great and then just like that... Whop! We are knocked down and sometimes we may even feel alone. Even believers can feel beat up by life. I know I do. I have learned through the years that the only place I can run is to the Father. I will grab my Bible and read one of the Psalms, Matthew or maybe something in Isaiah. There have been times I will just take the Bible and lay it down and whatever chapter it opens up to I will read. Then I pray. It will always help me to get refueled to face another day. Life can be so hard, but with Jesus by your side you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way. I hope a few of the suggested Bible Scriptures below will help you in your walk of faith. Always remember that I am here if you need a shoulder to lean on and someone who will listen and not judge you. Nothing shared will be shared with others. You have my word. It will be between God, you and I. Take time to read the inspirational Bible scripture and Bible verses along with the uplifting poems of encouragement on the Heaven's Roll Call website. Keep looking up. God loves you.

When your bank account is empty, read Psalm 37

When you are angry, read    Romans 12:19 - 21

When the future looks blue ahead, read Isaiah 40 

When you are facing many trials, read James 1:12

"I'm giving you this message and it's sent from God above. He's just using me to tell you that

He's sending you His love." - Sue Lueck Carlson

Inspirational Bible Scripture 

Cloudy Day by Lake
Dock by Lake
Dock by Weaver Lake
Church at Victoria, MN
Clouds with Trees
Trees in Henderson
Sky in Pink & Blue
Pink and blue Sunset
Line of Clouds
Waterfalls in Duluth
Road in Rush River Park
Clouds, Trees, Sun
Seagull on Roof
Lake with Jet Stream
Seagulls over Lake
Sunset with Moon Behind Trees
Weaver Lake Sunset

When you feel forsaken, read Matthew 27:45-47

When you have experienced severe loss, read 1 Peter 1

When you want to change despair to faith, read Job 19

When you can't fall asleep at night, read Psalm 56

When you are angry, read Ephesians 4:29-32

When you are feeling lost and alone, read Psalm 23

When you question God,  read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

When you need comfort, read John 19:16-27

When you need protection, read Isaiah 43:1-2

When you need guidance, read Proverbs 3:5-6

My Park with Sunset & Sign
Muddy Water with Trees

When you are suffering, read Job 36:15

When you need hope for today, read Psalm 145:5-6

When you need forgiveness, read Luke 23:32-43

When you are doubtful, read    Matthew 14:22 - Matthew 14:24

When you aren't sure how to live, read Galatians 5:22-26











When you have resentment, read Genesis 42 & 45:4