Bible Verses and Bible Scripture 

After a death or any heartache the only place to go that will give you what you need is the Bible. There you will find the word of Jesus with Bible verses offering strength and guidance on what to do in any circumstance. Jesus' own words will give you the peace you are searching for and the love you may be missing. 

About Death and Dying

What can you say to someone whose loved one just died? Is there something you can do that may help the bereaved in their time of sorrow? How can you let someone you may not know deal the death of their loved one? On the following pages I offer ideas of things you can do or say to help someone whose loved one has died. They are suggestions only. My hope is that they may help you to think of ideas of your own. Also check out the inspirational poems of encouragement on other pages on the Heaven's Roll Call website. Then if you need prayer or have questions, please visit the Contact Us page.                

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