Custom Poems 


     Throughout the years I have been asked to write poems on specific topics. Sometimes I would write the poem and send it to the requester or I would send it out as a free monthly poem if I thought others would be encouraged by it.

     The poems on the following pages are poems you may use when there is a need. Whether you're at work, read something on the internet, or need encouragement yourself, I pray the poems with help you in your faith walk. We all need someone in our lives to show us we matter and that God has not abandoned us. All of us have a purpose on this earth. Maybe you will be the one to invent a cure for cancer or help with global warming. Then there are others who may have a beautiful smile that when passed on the street will brighten another person's day. You may be the person at a fast food place who is friendly and upbeat or an employee at a convenience store who can sense when the rest of us are having a bad day and goes out of their way to be kind. We all have our own peace of heaven we can leave this world with as we pass through. Remember - we all are needed.     


God says - Forgive us as we forgive those...  It's hard to do sometimes, but with God's help it can be done. What's harder for some of us is forgiving ourselves when we hurt someone we love or anyone for that matter. 

Work can be challenging for all of us. Sometimes it is unfair and downright wrong when you are mistreated for something beyond your control. Whatever causes you to dread going to work, try to remember that God is your real Boss. You work for Him!

Have you ever heard about a tragedy on the news or read something on the internet that made your heart ache for those involved? Maybe you heard on the radio about a bad accident and feel God telling you to help. Why not mail a poem to offer comfort to the reader?

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Picture of Office Window
Flags of the Nations
Photo of Inside Church
Picture of Young Girl Needing Help

When you say to yourself,

"Nobody really loves me,"

Read - John 3:16 or John 3:34

When you say to yourself,

"I can't go on,"

Read - Psalm 91:15 

When you say to yourself,

"I feel all alone,"

Read - Hebrews 13:5 

When you say to yourself,

"It's not worth it,"

Read - Romans 8:28