Allow yourself time to mourn and don't listen to anyone who says after a week or two that you should be over it. If I can help you, please let me know. The Heaven's Roll Call Christian website was built to help you through heartache. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than friends or family. Whatever you share is between God, you and I only. Please know I want nothing from you. If you fill out a prayer request, I will keep you in prayer. Then if you find an  uplifting poem on death you like, email me their name and I will adjust the poem and email it back. Remember God is with you and you can run to him anytime. He loves you unconditionally. Please email any questions, prayer requests or comments to my personal email

Your Soul Is Free

Tears from Heaven

In the Storm

This Life I Fear

You're Never Far Apart

It's Time


We Still Aren't Apart

The Pain Will Not Follow

It's the Reason

Within Your Heart

Why Not?

Relive Each Precious Memory

One Day I'll See

Let Go

Look Up

I'll Live for You

I'm Praying for You

He Knows the Pain of Death

God's Waiting There for You

Forever and Always

Come My Precious One

Behind the Scene

All My Tomorrows

A God Who Is Faithful

The Son

Uplifting Poems after the Death of Anyone 

Picture of Daisies

Click on any inspirational poem to enlarge for reading.


Someone you know has died. It hurts to lose a loved one. I think all of us have things we wish
we had said or done before the person we cared about passed away. I pray that the printable inspirational poems on the Heaven's Roll Call website will offer you encouragement for the days ahead. If you were very close, there will be many sad days, sleepless nights with a lot of tears. It's normal after a loved one's death so please don't rush the mourning period. Everyone mourns differently. Some may even get mad and feel betrayed by their loved one's passing.


(Click on any uplifting poem to enlarge for reading.)