Beginning with Today


When God seems far away, read -    Psalm 139    

When you are bitter and critical, read -  1 Corinthians 13

When you want to get along, read -       Romans 12

When you feel down and out, read    Romans 8:31-39

Our Lives Will Continue

 When you are facing danger,   read...                           Psalm 91

When people have failed you,

  read...                             Psalm 27

 When you are worried,

 read...               Matthew 8:19-34

 When you need courage to finish   task, read...                   Joshua 1

 When you are lonely and fearful,   read...                            Psalm 23

 When your faith needs                     stimulation,  read...    Hebrews 11

The Final Outcome

My Soul Remains


No More

Live Today

Let Us Have This Day

I am so sorry to hear you are getting or are divorced. I know sometimes when there is abuse or unfaithfulness, it can be a good thing for 1 or both parties. There still can be extreme sadness knowing it wasn't the fairy book marriage we all hope to have. Sometimes it may feel like a part of you had died so you are alone in your heartache. It is especially hard when there are children involved. There is nothing I can do to take away your pain, but I hope these inspirational poems of encouragement will help in some small way. Read more uplifting poems on the Heaven's Roll Call website.

When you are seeking peace or rest, read -

Matthew 11:25-30

I Wanted to Say

When you are feeling depressed, read -

Psalms 41 - 42

     When you are feeling jealous, read -                Psalm 91:1

 When you have quarreled, read -      James 4 

 When you are sad and sorrowful, read -     John 14

 When you bear a grudge, read -            Ephesians 4