Poems of Encouragement for Those Who Are Dealing with Any Illness

It's hard when you are sick and there is no one around to help you. There are things you want to get done and you don't have the energy or mindset to complete. It may be a struggle just to get out of bed. Then there are those of you who have someone around who want to help you, but you have too much pride to ask. What can you do? You pray and ask God to give you the strength to endure. Sometimes he has to slow us down to show he is still with us. Regardless of your illness, trust God who loves you. I hope these inspirational poems on illness and other poems on the Heaven's Roll Call website will offer you encouragement as you regain your health.  

  You're In God's Hands


When I am sick, you are my Healer.

You are the Medicine my body needs.

I will not fear what lies before me,

Because like a flower I am the seed.


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His Promise Is True


The sun is setting soon and your still fast asleep.

Are you swimming with angels in an ocean so deep

Or are you with angels and is God there with you

And He tells you He's proud of the things that you?


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God Is Behind You


Today is the day your healing's begun.

Though the battle was long, the war has been won.

Each day God will give you the strength to move on

And each hour that passes, He will make you strong. 


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Your Memory


Confused and alone you sit down on the ground.

You were told by all the doctors that your mind's no longer sound.

It still is such a mystery how the memory fades away.

You suffer so much anguish with all the words you cannot say.  


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Thank You


There aren't enough words to say, Thank You

To everyone who played a big part

In helping mom like with dementia

By sharing a piece of their heart.

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If you are sick or in pain, read -

Psalm 6

Psalm 39

Psalm 41

Psalm 67

Isaiah 26

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... and by his wounds we are healed.     Isaiah 53:5