Injury Poems of Encouragement 

     No one knows the answers as to why things happen to us. You may have worked on a lifelong goal to accomplish something and then you are injured in a car accident or it could even be a sports injury. There are no real answers to our why, when, where and how questions. We may cry out in anguish after we are permanently injured. Only God knows the answers and one day he will tell us. The below inspirational poems of encouragement were written to help you when injured and hurt.

     I've had 3 bad concussions and none of which were my fault. It wasn't fair and definitely were beyond my control, but... welcome to the world we live in! I think we all reach a point when we feel like giving up, but then what does that do? We need to fight for what is ours and never surrender. You may have a severe injury, but you don't know what lies ahead. It could be the best day of your life. You could accomplish far more than what you had planned, but you have to believe. You just never know what God has planned for your future so don't give up. Look up! It will be hard, but Satan wants you to quit so he can win. Don't let him! You are a precious child of God and he loves you so much that he gave his own son for you. Make your Father in heaven proud! I know you can do it. The uplifting poems on the Heaven's Roll Call websites are meant to give you encouragement to face your future and remind you that God will be there.                                   
                                 In all ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.      Proverbs 3:16


The Whisper

Small Dreams

Sometimes we question God's motives
when our lives don't go as planned.
We may even get angry at its unfairness
as we try to understand.
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You look so sad today.
Is there something I can do?
Is your heart breaking in silence
and is it destroying you?
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Some houses my break
and others may fall,
but the family survives
inspire of it all.
Just like the body
through injury and pain
You may lose some part,
but the spirit remains.
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For nothing is impossible with God.   Luke 1:37

With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.     Mark 10:27

3 Days

Believe in tomorrow
instead of yesterday,
because the pain you are feeling
will start to go away.
No more will tears caress your face
and fall upon the ground,
because tomorrow you'll see that peace will come
and your healing will be found.
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He's Not the Hurting Kind