Inspirational Holiday Poems

Except for after the death of a loved one, holidays are usually a happy time. People as a whole seem friendly and caring during the Christmas season. On Good Friday there is a sense of sadness when we see how Jesus was treated and then died on the cross for our sins, but on Easter morning excitement erupts as we remember our Savior's resurrection into heaven.
All holidays can hold sadness for those who have had a loved one die. There is a void inside and questions as to why they had to die. Only God knows the whys about this life, but he also knows your loved is safe now in his arms. In heaven there is no pain or sorrow. One day you will unite so turn your eyes toward Jesus. Let him help you on this journey called life. The printable inspirational poems on the Heaven's Roll Call pages were written to offer encouragement and love from our Savior Jesus Christ.

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Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day & Fathers Day