Tree with sunset

My Letter to God


Dear Heavenly Father,
On bended knees and with a bowed head, I praise your Holy Name. I love you with every being of my soul. I trust you with my whole heart and give my life to you today and forevermore.
Through the many trials in my life, I have survived all of them with your loving arms around me, I ask that you give me the words to help others know they can survive the hardships of this world no matter how bad it gets. Many friends and acquaintances have always thought that I was so lucky because of the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. They did not know of the deaths of those close to me including my dad who choked to death in my arms or my only brother, Dougie, who was my whole world and was killed in Vietnam in 1966 or the death of my precious mom. Many do not know of my brutal assault or my near death when a doctor collapsed a lung by mistake or the 2 miscarriages of babies I wanted so bad to have. They do not know of the unfairness of lost jobs, because I stood up for what was right according to Your rules and in turn not having enough money to pay bills or buy food. They do not know of the anorexia and the hard road back. They do not know that all those trials that the world meant to destroy me were used by you to bring blessings to me of a far deeper kind. You allowed the heartache in order to make me a strong Christian warrior like I am today.
As hard as life was and the many tears I shed while begging you to let me die because I could not see an end to it, you lead me through the trying times. I always thought I was alone, but now that I look back I see that you sent so many people to help me to hold on. A stranger giving me a smile, a friend sharing a hug, an unspoken glance from a co-worker saying it'll be okay, and family who did their best. I'm sorry I didn't see you in each trial. Please use my experience and the poems on the website to help the hurting and offer them hope when theirs is gone.
Father, please help others to know that it is okay to cry. When they are sad or lonely, help them to see that they can come to you and you will comfort, hold and love them unconditionally. Father, use this website to show others that the world can destroy their loved one's body, but the believers soul is safe in your hands. No one can touch their soul except you with your love and compassion.
Love through me, Lord, and let the hurting see how special they are to you. Let each one know that they don't have to be rich, handsome/beautiful or successful because those are the world's standards. In your world it is the intangible things that matter like love of self and others, respect, loyalty, honesty and faith.
I love You, Father. I worship and praise your Holy Name. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for supplying all my earthly needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Thank you for loving me the times I failed. Thank you for holding me the times my heart was broke in two and for picking up the pieces of my world when it fell apart and I hit bottom. Thank you for these God-inspired poems. Please guide me and give me the inspirational words to write down. Let these words reach out to others all over the world and comfort them in their time of sorrow.
In Jesus Name I Pray,
Sue Lueck Carlson

The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.                  Psalm 145:9

Today we lift our hands in worship and we bow our heads in prayer. Thank you so much, Jesus, for always being there.

- Sue Lueck Carlson