When Facing Trials 

Reading poems based on God's love and promises can sometimes help us to fight another day. Life can be so hard with all the ups and downs each of us must face. There are so many unknown that it is hard to know what to do from one day to the next. What happen if you lose your job unexpectedly or a child gets sick and has to be hospitalized? What happens if you fail the test you needed to get the scholarship for college or the guy/girl you thought you would marry breaks up with you say they're in love with someone else? 
We all face trials and sometimes a poem that reminds us of God's love and faithfulness can help us to keep going. Poems that offer encouragement and hope can lead us to God by reminding us how much we are loved by our Precious Savior. Trials along with any hardship helps make us stronger when we turn our eyes to Jesus. No matter what you are facing, remember that you are not alone. God will always be with you no matter what happens. You are a child of the Most High and you are loved. 
The following poems were written  to help you go through any trial you may be facing. God will help you if you ask him.
We need encouragement when we go through hardships. Sometimes it's hard to make it through the valleys of life without someone giving us an encouraging word.
When you are at the end of your rope and feel you can't face life, run to the open arms of Jesus where there is always hope. Always remember that you are never alone and loved.
Bridge with River
Pink Sunrise
Orange and Yellow Sunset
Sunset with Trees
Sky Photo
Where do you go when you have given up on life? You run to Jesus and let him show you how much he loves you. Then you live a minute at a time and hold on. Never surrender!
Seagulls in Duluth

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