Uplifting Poems about Death

We all have experienced death in our lives. It may be a family member, friend, acquaintance or even a pet. No matter who has died, there will always a void, especially if it is a parent or child. There are no pills you can take or things you can do to make the heartache stop, but there is a Helper who will stay with you as you live each day. His name is Jesus.

Inspirational Poems after Loss of a Loved One

The printable free poems on the following pages were written to offer you encouragement and hope in the days following a death of a loved one. Death has knocked on my door many times so I, too, know the pain of loss and the void that is left after a death. If your loved one has died, please know that God will stay with you through the sorrow. One day you will reunite with your loved one, but for now live life as your loved one would want you to and keep looking up. God loves you.

Death of a Dog or Cat

There are no words of comfort after the death of a baby, child or young person, but I hope that these poems will remind you that Jesus is with you and will never leave your side. You will also see your little one again so keep the faith and don't give up.
When a parent dies, there is always a void. Where can you run when the rest of the family is living their own lives? Who do you tell about the good grade in school or promotion at work or the memory that flashed back? The answer is you tell Jesus who will listen and stay by your side.
It's hard to explain to those who do not have a pet how much you can love one. A pet is like a little child or part of the family so when it dies it is like you have lost a family member. It hurts big time and some of us will cry as we feel the void in our lives. 
Faces of 3 Children
Candles with White Flowers
Various Pet Pictures
Dog Picture

If you are sad, read Psalm 51 or

When God feels far away, read - Psalm 139 

John 3:15

Angel in Garden
4 Burning Candles
Your loved one just died and you feel lost and alone. Let those who love you help you through the heartache. Find someone you trust to talk to and always run to Jesus. He will use other Christians to help comfort you. Take care of the child in you and trust God. He loves you.
Reading comforting poems after the death of someone you care about can help ease the pain..